Bright. Perceptive. Unconventional. Creative. Innovative. Passionate.

Our team is a collective including business strategists, designers, writers, artists, and photographers, that bring a wide range of expertise and experience to each client.

New Communication was founded in 1989 at Thessaloniki by Dimitrios Andreou.

Our experience in the sector, makes us capable of understanding the character and the specialities of every product and service of a public or private company and use the communication method that is suitable to every client, achieving the best results.

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We partner with some of the largest greek companies to create powerful brands & products



We partner with our clients to get to the heart of their brands, defining brand indetities and navigating them effectively through the market. Strategic positiong, solid structure, expert market and consumer insights and sustainable innovation work together to ensure the growth of your brand.



We bring the identity of your brand to life by creating the experiences your customers engage with. Good design is consistent yet flexible enough to work across all touchpoints. Our cross-disciplinary teams work to design the look, feel and sound of your brand for the greatest possible impact.

Brand communication today works in many dimensions. It is interactive and travels across networks, making the challenge of creative solutions ever more complex. Ideas that work in any type of media, compelling brand stories, high-impact campaigns and relevant messages command your audience’s attention, creating a powerful experience for all stakeholders.

We make it easy for you to manage your brand wherever it communicates. Digital management tools, employee training, lead agency services or a 7/24 brand helpdesk: our creativity extends to the solutions we tailor to expand and simplify the management of your brand around the world.